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Ferret Health

Routine Ferret Care

Bedding: Needs to be changed at least every 5 to 7 days. Old sweatshirts, t-shirts and baby blankets will give them something soft to snuggle in and can be easily cleaned. Do NOT use towels as they can get their nails caught in them.

Water: Bowls and/or bottles should be dumped, rinsed and refilled with fresh water everyday.

Food: They need a high quality ferret food with at least 38% protein and 22% fat. The first three ingredients should be meat. Food must be available at all times.

Ear Cleaning: You should check with your vet.  If you use Revolution or another product which protects the furkids from ear mites, this may not be necessary.  However, many owners clean their ferrets' ears every week or two. There are a lot of good commercial ear cleaners that can be used with a q-tip.

Nail Trimming: Needs to be done about every week and a half as well. Ferret or kitten nail clippers work fine. A little Ferretone on the belly will distract the ferret so you can clip the white part of their nail.

Hairball Remedy: Laxatone is a brand of hairball remedy. Any brand for ferret or kitten can be used. Depending upon the ferret and it's grooming, you can give approximately the size of a nickel every week. During shed season (spring & fall) you will need to give more often.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help!